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Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have questions? Well, we have answers to the most common questions we receive from motivated individuals like you. This page will provide you with additional information to help give you more insight into what we have to offer you. If you still can’t find what you need on this page, feel free to contact our customer support at [email protected].

Tornado Rising (TR) is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who have collectivity embraced reality from the so-called mirages of scams and distorted programs that have eluded so many from financial freedom. We offer the gift of true financial security and time freedom to enjoy family and friends to individuals who desire to reach their full economic potential.

Our focus is not solely on making money but giving people like you the opportunity to improve your quality of life.

TR is a platform that provides advertisers from all over the world the opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers. Our unique platform also provides you with the chance to post other advertiser's business, products/services, in real-time. We offer multiple earning options to ensure you are reaching your financial goals.

There is a place to join on every page of the Tornado Rising website. Just locate the blue 'Join Now' box, and you are well on your way to start creating the financial freedom you deserve. Click on the Join Now button and fill out the form. Enter your desired username, first name, last name, email address and a password.

Our straight-line matrix compensation plan is FREE to join. However, if you want to start earning money, you must upgrade to a 'Pro' account. Your one-time investment under the 'Pro' account is a $35.00 membership fee, which also qualifies you for your Level 1 position.

Yes, there is a monthly fee of $35.00 only after each member has reached Level 4 on the straight-line matrix and your first payment is deducted automatically from your member income account. Click here to learn more about our compensation plan.

First, you need to upgrade your account to a "Pro" level, which is our paid member status. Second, you must refer four new "Pro" members (Paid Members) to the Tornado Rising program to officially activate your account. Once you have completed the above two steps, you have full access to the paid membership benefits.

Once your account balance is above $10.00 you can request a withdrawal. Payouts/Withdrawals request is processed within 48 hours or 3 business days.

We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and SolidTrustPay payment platforms. We will soon accept Visa and Master credit card processing, and members will be notified via email once this option is officially available. Members may also purchase TR-Codes for multiple members in groups.

Yes, you will find earnings statistics, financial history and other details on your back office dashboard in the member's area.

No, members are not permitted to have more than one active account. Members who operate more than one account will have both accounts deleted upon discovery. If we detect multiple accounts from the same IP, both accounts will be terminated without notice. We strongly encourage interested members to avoid joining Tornado Rising from public networks due to the high risk of being suspended.

Tornado Rising provides advertising and marketing services on a subscription basis. When you click on an advertising package option and complete payment, you are setting up a paid subscription, and you are authorizing Tornado Rising to charge your method of payment on file for your membership package today and per month until you cancel your subscription. You can cancel your membership at any time. However, you will not receive a refund even if you decide not to use the service.

All members are personally responsible for compliance with any tax requirements in their jurisdiction of residence.

Yes, your information is protected by Tornado Rising, and we are GDPR privacy compliant. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone. We invite you to review our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Retrieving your password is easy. First, visit the member login page and select the "Forgot Password" option to request a password reset. Second, submit the username and registered email you used to set up your Tornado Rising account. Lastly, check your email for your password reset. Note: please allow a few minutes for the email reset request. To avoid receiving emails from Tornado Rising in your Spam account, click here to whitelist our email(s).

Yes, you absolutely can advertise multiple businesses! In fact, Tornado Rising's advertising and marketing network was designed to help you promote your business, products or services. You can submit your program for inclusion in our Ad Zone Advertising Marketplace. Click here to learn more about our Ad Zone Advertising Marketplace.

If you know your login details or you have requested a new password, make sure you enter your login details manually by typing username and password. If you copy and paste your username and password from an email, you may receive an error message due to trailing spaces. If you opt to copy and paste, we recommend, copying and pasting into a text document, check for extra spaces and then copy and paste your username and password into appropriate area on the login page.

We do NOT tolerate SPAM in any way. We investigate all SPAM complaints. If the complaint is proven, your account will be deleted immediately and all your unpaid earnings will be forfeited. If your account is deleted for SPAM, you shall have no recourse against Tornado Rising.

Accounts may be deleted for reasons, not limited to, inappropriate behavior/abuse towards other members and the administration of If your account is deleted, we will provide you with a written notice, via email providing you with a reason for the deletion of your account and steps to dispute the account deletion. system was designed with members in mind. We created our system to ensure every member benefits rather than a few early-start members. We do not offer false promises, and we are continually looking for new opportunities to create value for our members. Also, we connect with partners who provide additional resources to help our members meet their financial goals. Your success is our success.

Like any business venture, you must commit to learning and putting your best effort into your business to witness the results you desire. This is not a "get rich fast" scheme, but Tornado Rising is designed to give our members results. We know our concept works well, because we have thoroughly tested the system, and the outstanding results speak for themselves. You do not have to take our word for the effectiveness of Tornado Rising system. Click here to read some of the unsolicited testimonies from our satisfied members.

They will go into the first available matrix ahead of you in the company 4x8 matrix. You will always be their sponsor; however, the rule is once a member pays and purchases their Level 1 position they are automatically placed in the compensation plan.

If you do not see a question/answer in our FAQ, click here to visit our "Contact Us" and complete our contact form. One of our support staff will answer your request within 24 hours of your form submission.

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